Bishop Garrigan High School


Mr. Burrow teaches mathematics at Bishop Garrigan High School in Algona, Iowa. 2020 - 2021 is his thirty-eighth year at the school, so he has been there for more than half of the school's history.  He actually started in the middle of the year (November 21, 1983), replacing a teacher who was asked to resign.

His schedule includes Geometry, Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, Math Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, college-credit Statistics and Calculus, and Specialized Technology Topics (Web Design). He also serves as the school's gifted and talented coordinator. He was originally hired to teach Spanish (his minor in college), and in the past he has taught every other math course the school offers--including Algebra I, Applied Mathematics, Introduction to Algebra and Geometry, and General Math. For three years he also tutored a student in Russian, and he has tutored students in French.

Mr. Burrow's extra-curricular responsibilities include the school's award-winning quiz bowl team (which has made numerous trips to the National Academic Championships since 1995), group and individual speech, and the weekly "Bear Facts" radio show. The "Bear Facts" airs each Saturday at 8:45am on KLGA Radio (FM 92.7) in Algona, Iowa.  In the past he was in charge of the student council, which included Homecoming and intramural basketball, and he also worked with a competitive math team.

For nearly thirty years Mr. Burrow has also been the "Voice of the Bears", the public address announcer for football games at the BGHS Conway Field. He has also occasionally announced baseball games and introduced teams in all sports at pep rallies.

Each fall Mr. Burrow serves as the tournament manager for the state's largest quiz bowl tournament, the Bishop Garrigan Invitational. The tournament first started in 1991, and has welcomed as many as 72 teams.   Plans are to go back to a live format in 2021, after being done remotely in 2020.


Scenes of Mr. Burrow's classroom at BGHS

Teaching in Rm. 23 Football Announcer
LEFT: Mr. Burrow in his classroom
RIGHT: Announcing a Golden Bear football game

Cartoon of Mr. Burrow
A caricature of Mr. Burrow drawn by former student Jenny Lind for "A Day in the Life of Garrigan" -- 1993

Teacher Appreciation Week Gala
Left: Mr. Burrow posing by a poster for Teacher Appreciation Week
Right: Mr. Burrow and a student working at Gala, 2003

Math Rules Beloit Snappers Big Head
Left and Right: Drawings of Mr. Burrow by students Center: Homecoming 2002

New Teacher Photo
Mr. Burrow's first school picture as a teacher at Garrigan

Tyler & me
Mr. Burrow and a student in Room 23 at Bishop Garrigan High School

Graph Paper
A picture of Mr. Burrow drawn by former student and friend James White as an Algebra I assignment

Mr. Burrow at national quiz bowl in Chicago in 2016

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