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Walking is probably Mr. Burrow's favorite form of recreation and exercise. He walks around town (to the grocery store, the post office, the ATM, K-Mart, etc.) rather than driving whenever possible. Living in an old Midwestern town gives two big advantages for walking. First, there's safety; he can generally walk anywhere he wants to without worrying about his personal welfare. Second, unlike newer suburbs, Algona has sidewalks everywhere--even on the highway strip. He wishes sidewalks were mandatory everywhere in America.

Mr. Burrow frequently walks the two miles from his home (at the bottom left corner of this picture)
to Bishop Garrigan High School (top right), where he works.

Mr. Burrow also loves to take formal hikes when he travels, both in urban areas and in the great outdoors. Several times he has hiked over twenty miles in a day. He has hiked in cities throughout the world, and while these walks have sometimes tested his street smarts, urban areas (with their endless variety and pleasant lack of flying insects) are often his favorite places to walk.  In more rural areas, one of his favorite places to hike was Big Bend National Park.

For many years years his walking has counted toward a wellness program at the school where he works. Mr. Burrow is proud to have earned "gold medal" honors by logging more than 350 miles for each of the past twelve summers.

While people rarely think of it, the Midwest has some of the finest hiking areas in the country. Here are some wonderful hikes within a day's drive from Algona, Iowa:


Mt. Rainier
David Burrow with his brother and sister hiking at Mt. Rainier National Park in the mid '70s

Desoto Bend
David Burrow's shadow on the trail at DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge

Citicorp Center - Chicago
Mr. Burrow's self portrait, reflected on the side of Citicorp Center, Chicago

Chicago Lakefront
The recreational trail along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Chicago

Mississippi Beach
David Burrow, hiking on the beach in Mississippi - Christmas Day, 2000

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